Help a Sister Out!

Stumbling my way through this massive blogosphere, I chanced upon the cries from a fellow mommy blogger publicizing her idea to help boost the blogonomy.  Motherhood Uncensored has devised a simple scheme that will help us recover our unfortunate blogging recession.

 For the month of August, join her Blog the Recession campaign and show the love to feel the love.  Click through my links and leave a comment on one my pages or another blogger’s page, and hopefully, a fellow blogger will do the same for you.  It’s blogger karma at its finest!  Time to pay it forward, my friends!  Lord knows, I could use some more traffic love! 😉  Feel like joining the campaign?  Simply, visit her site, grab the code for her piggy bank widget and add it to your collection site.  Now who doesn’t love widgets, especially cute little piggy widgies?


7 thoughts on “Help a Sister Out!

  1. I don’t have ads on my blog so it doesn’t really matter..You do though, how do you have ads and you are using wordpress?

    Thanks for stopping by today. I guess I have issue on the term “mommy blogger”..cause I’m not a mommy and there are a bunch of guy bloggers and single bloggers…you know the non-mommy’s that are just as creative and similar to mommy’ many times have had said mommy in that run on sentence ? 🙂

    I LOVE the picture of the girls in your header.. and oh, look, I’m #666 on your blog.. I will take that as being VERY good luck, either that or the spawn of satan will visit me soon.. great…

  2. LOL They’re widgets disguised as shameless plugs. 😉 I hope someone else visits my blog soon and my counter isn’t stuck on that number! YIKES! *making the sign of the cross*

  3. You were my very first comment and I am so happy to be “official”. I am not sure how this whole thing works, but I would like to list you in my blogroll since you, too, are a runner.

    BTW, I grabbed my piggy and am in the process of trying to end the blog recession.

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