Loyal Commenter: The Other Denise

The Carnival of Loyal Commenters continues today with Denise W.


Denise W stumbled across my blog through her friend Kim’s blog, Keeping It Real.   The other Denise (as she labeled herself) is a stay at home mom raising two girls while trying to body build.  Hence, the name Building a Better Body.  Personally, I think she has at AMAZING body and would be so grateful for her abs at 40 after 3 children.


During my triathlon training, Denise W offered lots of advice, which I appreciated tremendously.  She visits my blog regularly and continues to offer her support by leaving comments and for that I am truly grateful!  


Thank you, Other Denise for being such a loyal commenter. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Loyal Commenter: The Other Denise

  1. wow body-build and raise kids! i can’t seem to find time to hit the weights alone… let alone be a mom and actually maintain a household. very impressive, ‘other’ denise!

  2. Thanks, Denise, for the shout out, and thanks Lindsay for your kind words! I always enjoy visiting your site…you also manage to juggle being a wife, mom, and healthy role model to your girls. And may I say, kudos to you for the camping trip…not my thing, especially in wet weather! You’re the wo-man!

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