Run DMT’s Gracie’s Gear Giveaway

For the Gasparilla marathon, Gracie’s Gear hooked me up with the most amazing running tank top ever! 


But you know the old rule of thumb for races: You’re not supposed to try anything new during a race.  But when Gracie Gear graciously gave me this long lean contoured running tank, I couldn’t resist and I simply had to test out this fabulous product during the marathon.


I first fell in love with its fit.  Its contour shape hugged my torso like a glove without feeling too snug. 


Next, I desperately needed the extra pocket. With my SPIbelt filled to maximum capacity, I simply needed more storage space. 


Since the Gracie’s Gear long tank features a flexible Power Pouch, it held my cell, my ID and two Cliff shots which left my SPIbelt less bulky and more manageable.  When the rain came down harder, this Power Pouch also held my camera.


But I have to admit, I was a little nervous about wearing a top that covered my stomach.  The sports bras I usually wear leave my torso exposed and I was worried that I could overheat in my new Gracie’s Gear Long Tank.  However, the MRT technology (moisturereleasetechnology) built into the tank really did leave me feeling cool.  


As my running partners will attest, I am constantly knocking my iPod off myself while run.  But not anymore!  The little loop on the shoulder kept my iPod cord in place without making feel too tied down or trapped.


I absolutely love this Gracie’s Gear long tank and to spread the love, Gracie’s Gear is sponsoring a giveaway.    


So, for your chance to win a Gracie’s Gear Long Tank, visit and view The Long Tanks.  Then, post a comment stating which color and size Long Tank you would like to win. 


Hurry and leave your comment, because this giveaway ends Monday, March 16!


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Remember, Run DMT’s Gracie Gear Giveaway ends March 16.  Good luck to everyone who enters!   Thanks for visiting and playing along! 🙂

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

We’ve had a few good runs.  You were there for me during the glory days of Disney and for the pain of Gasparilla.  You’ve been so supportive through it all and I just want you to know that it’s not you.  It’s me.  I think our relationship has hit bottom and the feeling of being on Cloud 9 just isn’t there any more.  With the constant reminders of what we once had, I simply can not endure the pain any longer.  So, I am sorry to have to do this, but I need to move on to another love. 


Truth be told, I’ve already found a replacement for you.  This may sound harsh, but I think it’s best to level with you.  We can still have some good times together, like hiking through the woods and weight lifting.  I understand if you need some time.


But, if you’re ready to meet her, I’d like to introduce you to my new love, Brooks Infiniti 2.  Isn’t she pretty in pink?  Actually, she’s burgundy, like wine.  See how much we have in common?  I’m in love…again.  



Thank you to The Running Center of Tampa for my love connection and finding the right match for me once more.

Sunday Running Log #18

Since my DH had to leave early for work this week, my training days were not quite what I had initially planned.  On Saturday morning, I finally squeezed in an easy 6 mile run.  My average pace was 10:18. Total time: 1:02.  I felt no pain, but I realized that my dogs are tired and I needed some new shoes.


On Sunday, I forgot to set my clock ahead and I was late meeting Jackie.  Although I have a really bad reputation for being tardy, I am never late to my Sunday runs.  I swear! 


I searched feverishly for my phone and I was digging through my car when Jackie drove past my house.  I apologized repeatedly for my tardiness, which now caused us to get a late start on our early run.  Funny enough, Jackie was actually grateful for the mistake, since this is her first time running before 8:00.


Since Jackie needs to slow down and I need to pick up the pace a bit, we met at the middle with a 9:40 pace.  Probably still a bit too slow for the both if us, but this is still my first week post-marathon and Jackie’s first run longer than 4 miles.  Total time: 58:03.


After our 6 miles, I felt like I could do a few more and wanted to try pushing myself further.  I took the next few miles a bit slower with more walking and water breaks than the first 6 miles.  I ran another 4.1 miles with an average pace on 10:37.  Total time: 43:36.  My shoes are shot for sure!  Not to worry, I bought a new pair yesterday.


At the end of the month, I am planning to run in the Chasco Challenge (formerly Rally to Remember).  I still haven’t decided which race to run in, the 10K or the half-marathon.  Last year, I placed first in my division and I would love to beat my PB, but I would love to also qualify in my division for the half.  Decisions…decisions…


Over the next few weeks, I will try to push myself a bit more and wait until the last minute to decide which race.


As for training this week, I need to get into routine now that my DH’s schedule is back to normal again.  I also need to incorporate more strength training and cross-training back into my schedule.  I’ve been so lazy and sloppy over the past few weeks.


For my half-marathon training, I am following Hal Higdon’s post recovery plan with the Runner’s World on-line Smart Coach, which uses my past times to develop a plan right for me.  However, I think the paces on the Smart Coach are a bit too slow.


My body is crying for yoga today.  I need to stretch.  This week, there will be lots of short runs and another long run on Sunday.  I think I’ll do 10 miles again.  I never did hop on my bike last week and I really want to put biking back into my work-outs.  If only my DH meeting’s would stop messing with my training!  Sheesh!