British Invasion

My DH and I were so excited to find our favorite favourite British goods stocked at the new Publix near our home.  This could be very dangerous.


Did you know supermarkets do not like you taking pictures of their merchandise?  The store manager quickly informed me of this policy right after I snapped my picture of the fully stocked shelves.  I explained to him that I was just excited to find Yorkshire Tea, Heinz Baked Beans, Maltesers and Mushy Peas without having to go to a speciality shop shoppe.  He didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm.




22 thoughts on “British Invasion

  1. LOL!!!! I never thought there could be a problem with snapping photos!!! What about all the people with camera phones! I did a video review for a product in the grocery store one time. Woops!

  2. Have to check it out… Hey have you ever been to the Brit store on Dale Mabry & Northdale?? They have some good stuff there.

  3. very weird about manager man and the photos. i mean i know you can’t at clothing stores but that i can understand. weird… but at least you got your food fix! 🙂

  4. I’m so jealous! We don’t have Publix in VA. They are awesome for those hard to find/imported items. We went to one when we were in FL recently, and I went a little wild. Enjoy your finds…and tell market man that he should appreciate the free PR!

  5. No pictures in Publix? That’s strange — since anybody can walk in there and see what’s on the shelves, it’s not like preventing pictures will protect against “corporate espionage.” But oh well, Publix is still the best damn grocer in America. Now let’s have some Weetabix!

  6. Really? Glad you got out with your photo! Kudos! Great story, by the way. You might like our meme at Tell Me Thursday – you can make your WW really wordless and STILL tell the story! Please join us!

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