Officially Boycotting The Children’s Place

no-tcpI really think I need to shop on-line more with all these unfortunate situations I seem to keep stumbling into when shopping at retail stores.


Maybe it’s just me, because these things only seem to happen to me…BUT, I wanted to go the The Children’s Place to buy my girls some flip-flops, which are staple footwear in Florida. Currently, they’re two for $5 (which is such an awesome deal) and I refuse to pay $8 and up for cheap, floppy footwear. I don’t care how many sequins they glue on them. Those bad boys will be buried in the sand and Emmalynn (my youngest) will be down to only one shoe before the end of May.


Anyway, I arrive at the Citrus Park Town Center well before mall hours on Sunday, because I forgot it opens later on Sunday.  Not to worry, the girls and I hang out at the padded play area before the stores open. The girls were having a good time and I was so happy they were minding the rules and Emmalynn stayed in the play area. It’s a great feeling to be past the days of barricading the entrance with my legs or trying to keep her from scaling over the wall as she attempts to escape.


Finally, the mall opens and we dart over to TCP. There’s an awesome sale going and everything is 50% off. But like a recovering retail junkie shopaholic, I avoided the red clearance signs and stuck to my flip-flop plan. It’s all about needs vs. wants right? I did some deep breathing and focused on the great wall of flip-flops. 


Of course, Allana chooses a pair at the very top, so I need the help of a sales assistance with her big hook tool to reach the precious. 


As I find someone to help me, Emmalynn climbs through the rounders while Allana spins other rounders. So much fun!  I ask them to stop and warn them that there will be no tea at Teavana if they don’t stop. (Yes, I bribe my children with free tea at Teavana. So what? Whatever works, man!) They stop, but move onto the spinning mirrors. 


Finally, an unwilling sales associate helps me, but Emmalynn is still spinning the rounders. Then, another sales associate scolds Emma to stop. At this point, I am so embarrassed. I ask the girls, “Do you think Mommy makes these rules up?”


After trying a variety of flip-flops and still able to fight off the fabulously marked down spring clothes, we’re ready to check-out. 


“I can help the next person”, shouts out the associate, who happens to be the same lady who helped me with the flip-flops. 


“Great! Thanks!” And I jump to it.

“Um yeah…the line is over there. You’re not next.”


“HUH? Where’s the line?”


“Over there.” And she points to a sign hidden in between the rounders to the left of the register. 


“Well, that’s so obvious.” I sarcastically remark. Might I remind you I had TWO pairs of flip-flops.


The next person in line is a gentleman who has a pile of clothes. So, I wait in the camouflaged line while children continue to destroy the store. As I wait, I realize I am not the only customer confused by the camouflaged line.


Now, I am fuming. Annoyed at my children for being monsters unruly. Pissed off that I had to beg for sales associates to help. Trust me. If I could use the flipping flip-flop fetcher tool hook myself, I would have. And so angry that I and other customers are repeatedly being treated rudely by sales associates. 


In this economy, they should be THRILLED to see customers shopping. They should be kissing my ass and thanking me for shopping in their store. They should be elated that their store is still open while others are closing due to the recession.


Yep, looks like I need to shop on-line more.  But first, I will send an e-mail to TCP regional and corporate offices about my not-so-pleasant shopping experience.


7 thoughts on “Officially Boycotting The Children’s Place

  1. I’m sorry for you , but hey, at least the girls had fun and you didn’t have to ad screaming, crying, fighting on top of it.
    BTW, great blog.

  2. You would have thought she would have let you go first just to get your kids out of the store. 😉

    I’m a big fan of online shopping…not a big fan of shipping and handling fees…it’s a love/hate thing.

  3. that really stinks. i hope your email/letter goes over well and is at least acknowledged! seriously, would it have been a big deal to ring you and your two flops up? no!

  4. Awww! I can so RELATE! We have had similar experiences in Gymboree and Gap Kids. You would think these stores would be a little more “kid and mommy” friendly! Ugh! I shop online mostly now. You can still get great deals and my daughters can show me what they like online too. I’m all for it!

    And hey, at least you got the flip flops – no easy feat when shopping with two small children! 🙂

  5. I feel your pain. I have had similar experiences in TCP and Baby Gap…for real….can’t you hire sales associates who have actually HAD children and who can relate to our needs? Not high school/college kids or people w/ no kids, just there for the paycheck. I’m with you…boycott ’em…write the letter. I do all my shopping online now. It’s worth the extra S & H just to avoid the rudeness and hassle, not to mention gas.

  6. Totally relate Denise! I hate shopping at TCP, they ruined me at their back to school shopping deal. I went to exchange pants for some larger ones, not refund, not a price difference, just exchange. Oh boy you think I was asking them for $100! The lady was just rude, so I haven’t shopped their since!!!

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