Dizzy for my 200th Post and 20,000 Hits

I’ve hit 200 posts AND 20,000 hits!  WOOHOO!  Thanks to all my regular readers who helped make this happen! 


To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m giving away TWO copies of Lunch Money’s latest release, Dizzy.



But first a quick review of this alternative/eclectic CD also known as indie rock for kids…


The lead singer’s voice reminds me of Edie Brickell meets Angie Hart of Frente!  Molly’s earthy tone comforts you like an old friend or for young children, their favorite babysitter.


Lunch Money’s collection of songs introduces kids to a variety of styles of music that parents can easily enjoy too.  From bluegrass to rock-a-billy to rock ballads, samples of all styles develop music appreciation in young listeners.


More than new adaptations to familiar children’s songs, these artists write songs from a child’s perspective and imagination.  The tunes get into your head and parents may find themselves singing the melodies all day.  But unlike other children’s performers, it’s o.k. if another mom or dad hears you humming these tunes.  You could easily fool another parent into liking these songs.


My favorite song, It Only Takes One Night to Make a Balloon Your Friend, teaches children how to care for balloons.  Lunch Money breathes life to inanimate balloons and instructs children how to treat them like pets or a new friend.


The melody of At the River soothes listeners by building imagery that forces them to float along a river with each note.


Wake Up, World explains spring in simple terms.  With childlike wonder, they coax a barren world to begin to bloom so they can play outside in a colorful, friendly world again.  


Many of the songs are a comical play on words that may go over younger fans’ heads but older fans will find themselves chuckling out loud as they listen. 5’7” explains how the band sees eye to eye because they are all the same height.  Then, Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food combines alliteration and bouncy beats when naming favorite foods.


Of course, no children’s music collection is complete without a music and movement song.  Dizzy, the title track, encourages children to spin and dance to a rock-a-billy beat.  This toe-tapping tune will have children twisting and spinning until they drop. 


Are You a Rabbit? will also have children hopping, stopping and moshing to a punk beat by mimicking many of their favorite animals and objects.


My girls and I have loved listening to Lunch Money.  We can’t wait to dance dizzily when they come to Tampa!


If you would like a chance to win this CD, simply add a comment below.  In your reply, name your child’s favorite song by any artist.  Of course, if you name a Lunch Money song, you’ll get an extra entry.


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This giveaway ends Friday, May 8.

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17 thoughts on “Dizzy for my 200th Post and 20,000 Hits

  1. I think it is great you are giving away the gift of children’s music to celebrate your blog’s big milestone!

    I will be excited if I win! My kiddos (especially my daughter) love to dance and sing~ and mommy right along with them!



  2. Great giveaway! Right now, my son’s favorite song is the theme song for Kipper, since he’s addicted right now 🙂

    Other than that, he likes to listen to just about any music!

  3. Great prize. My kids need to be exposed to great music more than they are. My sons favorite music right now is the music from High School Musical. Yuck! I need help.

  4. Well, my girls like anything Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, but my son likes a song called Bit By Bit…not sure who it’s by. I think it was on a compilation CD & I added it to his MP3 player…he plays it over & over. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. Great giveaway! My babes are still pretty young (17 months) but I will have to say their favorite song is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

  6. how awesome!! My neice (the adorable bathtime beauty) LOVES music and loves to dance and sing; our current favorites are The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle, Twinkle, and Abc’s – which at 20 months she knows most of the words and her favorite artist would be her Aunt Brittany of course – lol
    Hope we win!!

  7. What a great giveaway! My kids love music and we have a 45 minute car ride one way to school so this would be perfect for in the car. Thanks!!

  8. I’ve never heard of Dizzy, but it sounds like something we’d enjoy.
    We love Ralph’s World (The Coffee Song, At The Bottom of the Sea) & are always looking for new stuff.

  9. My kids grew up with Shana Banana. In fact, the song chicken pants on her 3rd cd was inspired by my daughter telling Shana she was “wearing her chicken pants” – she meant she was afraid and too “chicken” to chase my daughter around the table in the middle of a restaurant. At least Shana knows how to behave…I think their favorite was Black Beatle though because it was a song that told a nice story.

  10. My boys are little older. But I wanted to say Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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