Life’s a Beach

Looking forward to a sunrise run along the beach, I laid all my running gear out the night before to prepare for my early morning run.  Then, a storm rolled through Clearwater early this morning, which dampened any desire for a sunrise run.


Once the rain passed, I ran out the door for a quick three miles along the beach.  Despite the humidity, a cool refreshing breeze and the view of waves rolling onto the shore made the run truly enjoyable.


Not being used to the spongy surface of the sandy shore, I began feeling an unusual pain (but a good pain) in my calf muscles, which made me recall the runner legs I noticed in NYC.  I may never have Big Apple calves, but after a few more beach runs this weekend, I may grow some nice Clearwater calves.


Tomorrow, I will try once more for a sunrise run.  I hope to run a little further (~6 miles) and maybe another 3 miles on Sunday.


We’re having a great time with family and friends here at the beach.  We’re spending our time twisting the days away, but not quite like Annette and Frankie.  Well, maybe if they had Corona Lights in their hands.


4 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. glad you were able to get a run in after the storm! i’m not such a fan of running on sand – so hard 🙂 but it is fun and so nice to see the ocean.

  2. Denise, the storm came because the Running Gods were upset you did not run with the Suncoast Striders and me–sniff, sniff. Ha! I totally understand: there was cake AND margaritas!

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