Push-Up Challenge Day 1: My Starting Point

Inspired by Running Betty’s video, I decided to make a video of my starting point, too. 



There you have it!  30 push-ups 🙂


Before you laugh, girlie push-ups totally count.  Don’t believe me, click here.  They’re referred to as “alternative push-ups”. 


Looks like I need to work on my form, though.  I think my big ol’ badunkadunk was sticking up too much.  I blame it on the booty not the form.  😉


BTW…Did you notice my green toenails or were you too distracted by my sexy pajamas?  LOL


16 thoughts on “Push-Up Challenge Day 1: My Starting Point

  1. Okay. Maybe I will try this. I came by earlier today and read all about it. I even printed off week one! ha ha Funnier than that is that you posted about it in a comment to me after I did that, so now I kinda feel obligated to challenge myself with this cool challenge. Now let me go see what I have to do to participate 😉

    Oh and great video!!!

  2. You go girl!! I have not taken the plunge yet and when (and if) I do there will NOT be video. I can see that coming back to haunt me.

    I have had the “Couch-to-5K Running Plan” printed off and by my nightstand to look at. I’m so old and starting so late 😦 Will keep checking back on you.

  3. Good job! I know many people who would have a difficult time doing 30 push ups, ‘alternative’ or not. I noticed your stomach starting to fall towards the end (hence the booty concern). If you flex your abs, it’ll keep your upper body straight while giving your core a workout too!

    Have you tried planks?

  4. Thanks for the support everyone! 🙂

    @Dan- I love doing planks! Crazy, I know! They hurt like a mo’ fo’, but I really notice my strength improving when I do them regularly.

  5. WTG. Way better than me. your bedroom is so spacious. 🙂 luv the pjs let me know if you want to start something to get rid of the oh what did you call it badunkadunk 🙂 I so can use some tightening back there. I now hitting oh um…..29+should join in this challenge. I definitely have the jiggly arms

  6. I think your form looked great.
    Regarding PLANKS: we go up a level every few weeks in my core class. We started with elbows on the floor, then worked up to bringing your knees in, then straight arms on a ball, then bringing your knees in with straight arms on a ball, then on your elbows on a ball, then bringing your knees in (30 seconds, 2 reps). Now our “homework” from core class is ONE elbow on the ball, 2nd arm straight out in front. I can only do about 2 seconds!!

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