High on Weed and Grass

Before you jump to any conclusions, I’m referring to the pollen count around here.  Grass and weed have been high, but mold has been extremely high lately and this morning during my 3 mile run, I had an asthma attack. When I returned home, I took a hit off my recovery inhaler and made a mental note to myself that I need to start using my inhaler about 30 minutes prior to running.


It’s not my best performance, but not too shabby despite not being able to breathe.

 3 miles

Time  28:21

Pace  9:27


At least it inspired me to add a couple new songs to my iPod.   



I should try to doing the chicken while I run.  It might help with the breathing. 


I hope you enjoy the next video, because I can’t watch it.  Prodigy look like scary, evil clowns to me.



I also like Kayne West’s Breathe In, Breathe Out, but I couldn’t find a decent video on youtube.  If you have any other suggestions for breathing theme-related songs, I am all lungs ears.


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