Finding My Courage (But If I Only Had a Brain)

A few months ago, I registered for a local triathlon, Faces of Courage, but even with the date of this triathlon drawing closer and closer, I have been avoiding my bike.  If you are a loyal reader, you will remember some of dismount issues here and here and here


On Wednesday morning, with the date of the event only a few weeks away, I decided to stop procrastinating and finally ride my bike.  My goal was 10 miles.


I started the first five miles with record speed for me: 12 mph.  I zoomed around the neighborhood.  I impressed myself with how I maneuvered and circled the cal-de-sacs.  It seems my balance has improved.  Maybe the time off the bike did me some good?


Then, I hit a dead-end, figuratively and literally.  Lacking the ability to circle square corners of a dead end street, I attempted to dismount and turn around.  “Just hop off”, I told myself, which seemed like a pretty good plan.  Like a bad slapstick comedy, I hopped off the seat and landed in the center of the bar. 


Feel free to cringe at the thought, but be warned before you continue reading.  Viewer discretion is advised.  The following segment contains graphic description and girlie parts.



When I landed on the bar, I slammed my pelvic bone, which of course, caused excruciating pain.  But apparently, I also slid across the bar, because I tore my…eh hem…*cough*…well, let’s just say I tore stuff that should only be ripped during childbirth.


In agony for the rest of the ride, I tried to push the pedals but the pain slowed down my pace quite a bit.  The upside to my dumb dismount: I properly dismounted when I finished my ten miles and managed not to fall over.  Unfortunately, my labia lesions made it difficult to push out some push-ups for yesterday’s challenge, but I did it.

10.07 miles

Time 42:53

Pace 14.1 mph


This morning, I was still sore from my injury and unable to run.  I am feeling a little bit better this evening, so hopefully I can run at least 3 miles tomorrow.

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About Run DMT

I am a glamorous Domestic Diva raising three beautiful and brilliant children (ages 10, 7, 2). I have been married to my DH for 11 years. Before my blissful life as a SAHM, I taught elementary school for 7 years. I also organize a mommy group on, where I have met the most outstanding women and some of my best friends. Four years ago, I discovered a passion for running. I am currently training for my third marathon as well as a variety of other races and triathlons. I aspire to become a published children's author someday.

15 thoughts on “Finding My Courage (But If I Only Had a Brain)

  1. Oh my gracious!!!! Yikes. I am so sorry. I hope your nether regions are better in the morning!!!!!
    I admire you for finishing. Had it been me I would’ve called my hubby to bring the truck to where I was and haul me and the bike back home. ha ha

  2. Did you learn Perineal Massage in childbirth classes? Maybe someone needs to give you an extra special treat this weekend…shhh I didn’t say that.
    You are one tough cookie!!!

  3. Hey Denise! Just found your blog through Kathryn’s blog (making strides), and realized you are in our area! How cool! You may have met my husband, Mark, he runs with the Striders on Saturday’s also.

    I hope to “run” into you soon!

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