Push-Up Challenge, Day 8

On Saturday, I completed Day 3 of Week 4, Column 2.  There was no struggle for the first set of 23.  For the set of 28, I had some trouble after rep #20.  Sets 3 and 4 of 23 reps, I felt some burning but I finished each set with good form.  For the last set of 33 reps, I started to struggle after rep #25, but I readjusted myself and finished the set.


At the end of Week 4, the hundredpushups program recommends another exhaustion test, but I couldn’t find any instructions on the site to inform when to perform the test.  Therefore, I chose to wait about 30 minutes before executing the exhaustion test.  I knew I could not push out another set after so many reps so I decided to wait a bit.  After my prolonged rest, I managed 40 good form push-ups!  That’s 10 more than my initial test! A small victory for me!  Next week, I move onto Week 5- Day 1, Column 2. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Push-Up Challenge, Day 8

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  2. i thought the end-of-the-week tests were to be done 2-3 days after you finished the week? to freshen up the arms a bit? that’s what i have been doing, although lately it’s been more like 7-8 days after… slacker lindsay! i bet had you had more than 30 min rest you would have cranked out even more!!

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