One More Mile Giveaway


I often find myself chanting those very words.  One more mile…Just one more mile.


I also find myself chuckling at some of the printed slogan’s of the One More Mile t-shirts.


 I know I run like a girl. Try to keep up.


Toenails are for sissies.


Does this shirt make my butt look fast? 


I think the last slogan is my favorite.  Look how cute it looks on the Short Sleeve Vintage t-shirt with the slogan printed along the bottom of the shirt drawing attention to your big ol’ badunkadunk. 



Well, now you can pick your favorite slogan for your very own One More Mile shirt!  Visit One More Mile and then add a comment here to share your favorite t-shirt (style/color/size) and slogan.  One lucky winner will win a shirt of his/her choice.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, August 5.



In addition to this great giveaway, One More Mile is also offering all Run DMT readers a 15% discount off any purchasesSimply add the coupon code RUC1326 at the check-out, but don’t delay.  This exclusive deal expires August 5. 


For additional entries to win a One More Mile shirt:

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I am a glamorous Domestic Diva raising three beautiful and brilliant children (ages 10, 7, 2). I have been married to my DH for 11 years. Before my blissful life as a SAHM, I taught elementary school for 7 years. I also organize a mommy group on, where I have met the most outstanding women and some of my best friends. Four years ago, I discovered a passion for running. I am currently training for my third marathon as well as a variety of other races and triathlons. I aspire to become a published children's author someday.

32 thoughts on “One More Mile Giveaway

  1. I like the “Does this make my butt look fast” too!!! I love it 😉
    I’m following you on Twitter too!

  2. Will run for chocolate in Iris tank, probably a medium. I see these at race expos and they always make me smile! My daughter likes them too.

  3. I like the “some girl chase boys… i pass em!”
    that has to be the cutest thing ever 🙂


  4. Running won’t kill you *or* Will Run for Margaritas slogans are too cute! I’d probably go for the tanks/tees in XXL. Great site!

  5. My fave is “You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go.”

    Being the slow runner I am that’s great! 🙂
    Fun giveaway!

  6. Cool!
    I like Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy Short Sleeve (cadet blue/Medium/women)
    KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

  7. I love these shirts! I think the one that relates to me best (esp over the past year) is Running is Cheaper than Therapy! That was true for me!

  8. “Some Girls Chase Boys, I Pass ‘Em” has always been my favorite. Size Small. Iris (Color)

    What a great giveaway!

  9. I am also a fan of “does this shirt make my butt look fast?” (long sleeve/womens Medium/ black) that’s hysterical! I am following one more mile on facebook. I’m also following you on twitter, and I tweeted!

  10. I cant pick just one…they are all so clever. Since I am new to this, slow is the new fast, or you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go would be quite fitting. Thanks for inspiring me to perspire =)

  11. I’m Running My MASS Off ….hahaha LOVE it! That will be my new saying!
    Tank – Berry – M

    Fun T’s ~
    I also love the May the course be with you b/c of my SW obsessed family!

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