Giveaway: Fall in Love with Crocs This Fall

This family is full of Crocs.   


We own several pairs for the simple fact that Crocs are extremely comfortable and very suitable footwear for active families like us.  


Living in Florida, flip flops are not just a trend, but a lifestyle.  Floridians wear flip flops almost all year long and I have walked many happy miles in my Capri Crocs.  If I’m not wearing running shoes, then you can guarantee I’m wearing my Crocs.  Because these shoes are so unbelievably comfortable, they have ruined me for any other flip flops.  No other will do.  Most other flip-flops feel like cardboard after living in my cushy Crocs.


Since I love my Crocs so much I decided to splurge and treat myself to a pair of Cayman Clog Crocs.  These shoes quickly became another favorite since they offer all the same cushy support of my flip flops.  But, I discovered the real benefit of these shoes at our last camping trip.  When crawling out of the tent in the middle of the night for a quick potty break, I slipped on these shoes while slipping off to the loo.  Like my feet, my kidneys and bladder became big Crocs fans that night, too!


When searching for a comfortable heel for a NYC trip with my husband, I stumbled upon the Cyprus Crocs at a local mall kiosk.  I loved the chic look of the shoe and of course, it had all the Crocs comfort that I have grown to love.


For SAHMs, heels are just not practical for playdates, but on occasion, we like to dress up and I found the Cyprus Crocs heels to be great shoes for hip moms on the go.  Just like their Crocs predecessors, you can walk for days in these shoes all the while forgetting you are wearing heels.


Incidentally, I also packed a pair of black Nadia Boots for that same NYC trip.  The weather called for rain and cooler weather.  I wanted a shoe that would keep my feet dry without wearing goulashes or a snow boot.  The Nadia Crocs were a perfect choice for pounding the pavement all over the city.


As for my kids, they love their fushia and purple Mickey Mouse Cayman Crocs.  They are loved and worn so much that all that love is evident all over the shoes.  When the dirt and grime becomes too much, I throw them in the wash and leave them to air dry.  In a about an hour, they look as good as new!



My DH is also a huge fan of Crocs.  He lives in his Crete Crocs Flip Flops but he has his eye on a pair of Tideline Leather Slip-Ons.


So, what pair of Crocs do you have your eye on? 


Crocs are offering the chance for one lucky Run DMT reader to pick a pair of Crocs (up to $50 value).   To win a pair of Crocs, simply visit Crocs and view all the new fall styles.  Then, come back here and add a comment stating the styles you like and which pair would like to win.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, August 30.


For additional entries to win a pair of Crocs:

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  • Visit the Crocs Blog and add a comment to one of the posts.
  • Follow @denisermt on Twitter.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.  Add a new comment for each time you tweet: @denisermt Run DMT’s #giveaway- Win a pair of Crocs
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56 thoughts on “Giveaway: Fall in Love with Crocs This Fall

  1. I really like the Mollys!

    I’m kind of over the Cayman’s style but I have a pair of YOU patent leather flats that I delight in telling people “They’re Crocs, can you believe it?” They are so friggin comfortable.

  2. Crocs! How exciting! I love the trailbreak and the capri and the women’s laguna and the sierra and the la jolla. Oh dear. Pick one?

  3. And I left a comment on the most recent photo Friday post on the crocs blog…the pictures are always so lovely!

  4. I’ve never worn Crocs… but the advertisements for the Prepair line has me intrigued. If I won, I’d pick those. Even if I don’t win, I may still get a pair to try out and review on my site!

  5. what? what? these are crocs????

    Helllllooooooo Cyprus.

    all the comfort of a croc, and yet suitable for work? i think i’m in love.

    :fingerscrossed: that i can win a pair!!!

  6. I love the Cyrus and the Celeste Canvas. It would be hard to choose just one! I had no idea there were so many styles of Crocs!

  7. It’s so hard to pick just one…
    I used to have several pairs of Croc-Offs (fake ones) but after I finally got a pair of REAL Croc flip flops I FELL IN SERIOUS LOVE! They are sooo comfy there’s no comparison!!! I guess if I had to pick just one style I’d try the Cupcakes. I’d love to see if a shoe that looks so “normal” can actually offer the comfort of Crocs!

  8. Just became their fan on Facebook. I love Crocs, nothing beats them for travel. They are so light in the luggage and comfy for walking around. My Mary Jane’s are my favorites!

  9. Love the “Cookie” in bronze and the “Prepair – Flip” in cotton candy… hey! both my choices are food related! Hmmmm???

  10. ooooooooh love YOU! by Crocs, does that count? Those charcoal snake Cookies are CUTE!!

  11. I could definitely use another pair of the capri crocs. Mine look like it went through a shredding machine because I wear them ALL the time.

  12. Crocs are the greatest! My kids have been able to put on their own shoes since they were a year old thanks to Crocs. Not only are they a time-saver, but they are a money-saver as well. My kids’ Crocs last about a year due to their sizing.

  13. Oh, and I left a comment on the crocs blog. Are we supposed to tell you all the stuff we did, or is this getting annoying for you? 😉

  14. I know I should probably pick a pair for my kids, but I’m not going to!! LOL! I love the Capri Suede flip flops!

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