It’s Magic, You Know

Every year to get into the Halloween spirit, I produce a playlist of our favorite spine tingling tunes.  I posted some of our top picks already here, here and here.  However, I realized the other day that I need to add one more song to our spooky playlist. 


My girls love the Wizards of Waverly Place and they have been howling this tune for weeks.  When I hear their sweet voices singing this song off key, it’s like ear candy to me and my heart melts like magic.




10 thoughts on “It’s Magic, You Know

  1. glad you’re back this week! missed you!

    we love watching wizards of waverly place! and i think selena gomez is just a cutie! love her character’s spunky attitude!

    now this is going to be in my head!!!

  2. I like this better than the original!

    p.s. Promise there won’t be any scary clowns on my blog. I LOVE being scared, but not by clowns, they totally freak me out!

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