There’s No Place Like Home for Halloween

When I saw this week’s I ♥ Faces Contest Halloween photo challenge, I instantly knew which picture to pick. 


When Allana was five years old, she was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and wanted to dress as Dorothy for Halloween.  We borrowed the costume from a friend, stumbled upon some ruby slippers at Target and found a Toto on-line.  Since her little one year old sister, Emmalynn, was too young to have an opinion about costumes, I dressed her in a pink gown to play the part of Glinda.  She wore a tall silver crown and carried a sequined star wand to complete the ensemble but the crown wouldn’t stay on her head.  As for the wand, well that simply tasted too good.


One evening, I posed my daughters for pictures on the bale of hay on our doorstep for a Halloween photo shoot.  Each photo was better than the next, but this photo was my favorite.  I love their smiley faces! 


When I look at this photo from three Halloweens ago, I get a pang in my heart.  The years go by way too fast!




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