Plus One



Baby #3 expected to arrive July 24, 2010. 🙂 During the ultrasound, we heard a loud and strong heartbeat and watched our little one swim and kick all over the screen. This one may pop out running!



48 thoughts on “Plus One

  1. I was thinking about you all day yesterday! I am glad the doctor’s appointment went well. Now we can all know why our usually-spunky-no-need-for-caffeine Denise has been so tired lately!

  2. Congratulations! I love ultrasound pictures. It’s such a precious reminder of how tiny these kids of ours start out. Hard to picture, since mine are 8 and 10 now! Best wishes to you on your pregnancy… how wonderful!

  3. Oh my god…what fantastic news! I’m so pleased for you. And happy anniversary for Friday…10 years for you, 5 years for us!! I remember at our wedding you were 10 weeks pregnant with Emmalyn! And that only seems like yesterday! Have a wonderful Christmas and I really hope you are well??

  4. OH YEAH BABY!!!!!

    SO that’s why the last halfer sucked.

    Wish I had that excuse.

    Keep running as long as you can and LAUGH IN THEIR FACES when they tell you that running makes labor easier.


  5. Mazel tov! Wow, what a shocking post for Wordless Wednesday. Really says it all.

    Now here’s what you do… save the EPT test and give it to your husband on April Fools Day 2011!! heheheh

  6. Wonderful, wonderful news…..keep up the running/exercising, though… will help keep off the creep of those pounds for baby #3!!! Congrats!

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