Katie for Haiti

Often times when tragedy strikes others, those with the capability to land a hand feel helpless. With each image of despair and destruction from Haiti, many around the world wonder how to help this poor nation. As buildings continue to crumble, some feel crippled by an inability to offer any assistance whether physically or monetarily. Dropping a few dollars in a collection box doesn’t seem like enough.


Then, like a small little light leading the way, a simple solution was found in the heart of a child.



Last week, I received an e-mail from an old friend which explained how her 7 year old daughter, Katie-Ann, wanted to help the people of Haiti. Katie-Ann, who loves painting and drawing, wanted to host an art show to raise money for Haiti. This mini Monet would sell her art to benefit the people of Haiti.




I was so moved by her thoughtfulness and generosity, not to mention her remarkable talent and so were several of their friends and family members. Katie-Ann raised over $200 in a short Saturday afternoon.  That afternoon, she also offered each guest at her gallery a lesson in art appreciation and compassion.




If you would like to help Katie-Ann raise additional funds for Haiti, please visit Katie-Ann’s on-line gallery.


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10 thoughts on “Katie for Haiti

  1. Wow….if only all adults were as loving and compassionate as a little child….just think, where would this old world be? A heckuva lot brighter, better, and more beautiful, I’d think.

  2. what an awesome idea! kudos to katie 🙂 i’m glad she has an online store – her art is cute! thanks for sharing denise, hope you are having a good weekend!

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