Rethink What Matters with Bare Escentuals

When Bare Escentuals requested mommy bloggers to review their products, I knew I would be THE BEST mommy blogger spokesperson for their products because I am so willing to bare it all.


My love for Bare Minerals began three years ago.   After the birth of my second daughter, my hormones really wreaked havoc on my skin.  Liquid foundation and my surge in hormones were not a good combination and as a result I had huge blemishes and scar marks on my cheeks.    Upon a friend’s recommendation, I switched to the bareMinerals line and after a week, I noticed a huge improvement in my skin.  My awful dark acne scars disappeared and there was wonderful natural glow to my skin.


Three years later, I still love the flawless, natural look that only bareMinerals offer and I will never use anything else ever again!  Promise!
Being very into natural and organic products, it seemed only logical to transition towards the mineral products. The products are much lighter on my skin and it feels like I’m not wearing any make-up at all. With bareMinerals, there are no make-up lines, like the mask outlines foundations leave and  I rarely get a greasy, oily look, which is an all too familiar look from liquid foundations.  Plus, the powders don’t cake up in my wrinkles and crow’s feet like liquid foundations.


Also, I always found liquid foundations difficult to match to my olive complexion, but with bareMinerals, I no longer need to purchase a “winter” and “summer” foundation.  The minerals just seem to magically match to my skin color and make my skin look flawless.   However, in the summer months, I have a tendency to get a bit darker from all the sun exposure.  So, when the need arises, I simply powder on the Warmth All Over Color, which is included in the starter kit .


For frugal moms, Bare Escentuals may seem like a bit of an expense, but the powders last for months. Unless, your little one gets into them!


About a year ago, I began using the eye shadows as well.  Some brands will stain your eyelids, but not bareMinerals.  The color lasts all day and no trace of pigments are left behind when you remove the make-up.


Since making the switch to Bare Escentuals, I started wearing make-up all the time.  My friends have teased me about wearing make-up when we go camping or “wearing my face” during races, but I know between my camera happy friends and I, someone will snap a picture at some point.  A flawless natural glow always appears in the photograph which is so much more attractive than blotchy skin and dark circles under my eyes.


As I’ve already mentioned, I really do wear bareMinerals make-up during all my races.  In fact, my regular readers have commented on how great I look after a race and I believe it’s the bareMinerals to thank for that.  Even with all the sweating during a 5 K, half marathon or even a full marathon, my make-up looked as great as it did before the race.   And, it’s nice feeling to know that my face won’t run faster than me.


You’ve read my undying love for testimonial Bare Escentauls, but now is time for women everywhere to join me by leaving the liquid foundation behind and begin baring your natural beauty.   I challenge you to bare it all with Bare Escentuals as they lead the way to a life without liquid foundation and redefine beauty with their Rethink What Matters Campaign.


From the Bare Escentuals website

Rethink what a revolution looks like, from going bare in public to what freedom feels like. Bare Escentuals, the mineral makeup pioneer, invites you to shake up that foundation and sound off on topics that are more than just skin-deep with their new campaign, Rethink What Matters.


Bare Escentuals invites you to give rethinking a try, too. Every week, a new discussion topic will be featured with five questions for you to answer and share with your friends by email, Facebook and Twitter. What’s in it for you? Well, good karma for one. And free products and other fantastic goodies. Plus for a few really lucky ladies, an even bigger reward that will definitely make rethinking worth your while.


To kick off this campaign, one lucky reader will win a bareMinerals Tutorials Smoky Eye Kit.



What is included?

  • bareMinerals Skyline Eyecolor:  Dark gray purple matte
  • bareMinerals Celestine Eyecolor:  Light pewter
  • Double-Ended Smoky Eye Brush: Creates subtle to dramatic intensity
  • Detachable tip card: Step-by-step tutorial guide to create perfect smoky eyes


To win, simply bare it all in the comments section below.  How will you rethink what matters in 2010?


Contest ends Monday, February 15.


For additional entries:


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42 thoughts on “Rethink What Matters with Bare Escentuals

  1. I’m going to enhance my natural beauty, use makeup not as a mask but as a way to accentuate my positive features. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I hate makeup… it’s such a pain! I did try Bare Minerals at a store once. It seemed like such a pain to apply and the girl that put it on me made me look like a freaky-ghost. So I was scared of it. But everyone always seems to rave about it… Perhaps I need another try.

    I already follow you on Twitter, just added @BareEscentuals.

    Perhaps I need to try the matte foundation they offer, since for some reason I was cursed with more acne AFTER I turned 30 than I ever was as a teen.

  3. Ohhhh I’ve been wanting to make the switch for a while now. Have heard awesome things about BE products.

  4. I keep a gratitude journal to sort out what matters most to me. It keeps things in perspective.

  5. I’m already re-thinking what matters with my husband’s health being so poor. I’m really re-evaluating what he can do and what we as a family can do.

  6. Wow this is an amazing giveaway.. I think for 2010 I am starting to learn to let things go. Not to worry and keep on going. I think I am doing pretty good. If I had those smokey eyes I would just knock everyone out..

    Thanks for linking up to my Round Robin..

  7. I am definitely re-thinking what is important to me. I have a health issue that has made me take a step back and re-evaluate things. Spending time with my family and friends is more important than keeping up with what everyone else has/done. It has also helped me realize that handmade can be just as nice as store bought and a lot more special. Thanks!

  8. Besides the “Tutorials: Smoky Eye Kit”, I’d love to try the “Face Fashion: The Look of Now – Fab Fresh”, “Tutorials: Get Cheeky”, and (for all of the summer get-to-gethers) the “bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen”.

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