What’s in a Name?

Last week, I had a conference with Emmalynn’s preschool teacher during which she informed me that Emmalynn can’t hold her pencil or crayon the correct way.



And that she doesn’t know her letters.



Well, of course, she does…



…but only when she wants to.




50 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. My daughter still doesn’t hold the pencil the way the teachers wanted her to, she is 15 and she still writes okay. Looks like yours is writing like a kindergartner to me.

  2. oh I heard the same thing from my daughter’s teacher! She left handed and doesn’t want to hold her pencil the way they want her to. I told her to write in the way it is comfortable to her! Teachers – you know – they DO NOT know everything!

  3. Good for her! She is doing great!

    I’ve learned that teachers are not always right. My nephew’s teacher was trying to claim that he was developmentally challenged. His mother refused to believe it and had the school test him. Turns out he was GIFTED! He is now in a better school and no longer fidgeting in class because he is challenged and excited about his day!

  4. I get just the opposite! At home my boys won’t do a thing but at school the teachers tell me how great they are doing! I am always amazed at what they can accomplish at school vs. home. I think that they would like for me to think that they are helpless – just like their father, lol!

  5. When we took our 18 month old in for her 1 year appt, the doctor showed us how to show her how to hold a crayon. Really? At one? As far as I’m concerned, she’ll hold it how she wants to! And it looks like Emmalynn is doing the same thing.

    :p~ to the teacher! She showed her, huh!?! lol

  6. She is so cute. And she sounds JUST like my daughter. In fact, her recent progress report from preschool says that she participates in activities, “when she wants to…”

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