Ray LaMontagne is the Best Thing

When Allan mentioned that he wanted Ray LaMontagne’s album, I bought him all three albums for Valentine’s Day, but I suppose it’s a gift we can both enjoy.



A cross between Van Morrison and Nick Drake, his enchanting tunes remind me of something from another era. This outstanding artist toured through Tampa last spring and I was pretty bummed when we missed his concert at the Tampa Theatre.



Lately, Ray LaMontagne has been frequently featured on Spectacle.



However, Ray’s appearances on Spectacle have become somewhat of a running joke for Allan and me.  It’s as if Elvis stores Ray backstage and brings him out at the end of every show to perform and collaborate with some of the classics, like Richard Thompson.



If you haven’t seen Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…, you are really missing out on some of the most remarkable performances.



And if you haven’t heard of Ray LaMontagne, then you are truly missing out on the best thing.



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17 thoughts on “Ray LaMontagne is the Best Thing

  1. I would indeed be missing out on something if I didn’t check out this guy. I know Elvis Costello only for his She. And the duet! That’s just awesome.

    P.S. That was a really cool comment you left at my MM today. Thanks

  2. OMG have I been living under a rock or in a cave? LOL I’ve never heard of him and I love his voice and music. Fantastic choice my friend. Thanks for sharing this. Happy MM to you!

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