I Can’t Wait for Wicked!



49 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait for Wicked!

  1. Great editing job! I really thought you were all painted up:) My first thought… “How is she touching her black dress?” Thanks for commenting & I hope to have the birthday post up today, I always take too many photos!! Happy WW!

  2. We saw Wicked last summer in NYC and are going to see it here in Richmond soon after in March. So excited! It’s the best show I have seen. Oh and I’m a picnik addict myself, so fun!

  3. WOW — that is amazing that you did that by editing the picture — I was thinking while looking at it — it’s cool but oh the mess it would make to take it off — This is much better — no clean up!!

    I haven’t ever been to a musical but this one looks really good. Wish I lived closer to things like this! Have a great time!

    • Yes, I read the book and loved it. It’s not a light read, by any means, but I loved the political tone and I enjoy the fantasy genre. I am rereading it again and I would like to read Son of a Witch (the sequel).

  4. Blogged over from Dairies of a Coach’s Wife…we went and saw Wicked last summer and LOVED it! Even my boys liked it! So good…I read the book before going too…a little bit different but great nonetheless!!! Hope you enjoy it!

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