I Heart Faces: Bundled Up

This Week’s I ♥ Faces couldn’t better describe our winter this season! With record lows here in the Tampa Bay area this winter, we’ve spent the past few months very bundled up, but for Floridians, that means wearing closed toes shoes on a daily basis rather than flip-flops.  Although this past January, we had to dust off the Uggs on a few occasions as there were reports of snow flurries as far south as Naples, which is simply absurd for the Sunshine State.


However, my family and I have seen more than our share of snow flurries for the past two winters.  Every January, we travel to North Carolina to experience a real winter complete with snow boots, snow pants, water resistant mittens, long johns and lots of performance fleece.  After spending a week in 10 degree temperatures, 30 degrees feel like a heat wave.



9 thoughts on “I Heart Faces: Bundled Up

  1. I’m from S. Texas so we’re in the same boat. Bundling up just doesn’t mean the same thing. We’ve talked so much about taking our girls to snow, just haven’t gotten the courage to do it yet. Love her mittens and her eyes peaking over.

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