Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day is a big deal in our house.


Every year, I plan an Earth Day play date for my mommy group complete with goodies, games, stories, music, nature walk and crafts made with recycled materials.



Even though I use fun and games to teach a simple lesson in conversation on Earth Day, I believe our children understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprint on the planet every day.  Whether it’s large signs at the supermarket reminding us to bring our own reusable grocery bags or recycle receptacles at the park, these days it’s easy to be green.  I love that protecting the planet is trendy and as a result, the behavior has become second nature for our children.


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7 thoughts on “Every Day is Earth Day

  1. LOL…you think you have typos just look at all mine all the time LOL. These photos are just heartwarming my friend. It makes me feel sooo good to see these. And what a valuable lesson you teach. AWESOME!!! Your video choices were excellent 🙂 I loved each and everyone of them. Have a wonderful MM 🙂

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