It’s Crystal Clear

Crystal Bowersox has been my American Idol pick since the beginning.  This Indie Chick is simply superb.  Everything she sings sounds original and fresh.  With the assistance of a didgeridoo, Bowersox proved that she can out do The Beatles.



And her version of Give Me One Reason gave Tracey Chapman a reason to blush.



Last week, she kicked Kenny Loggin’s I’m Alright to a whole new level.  Although I have been never a fan of this song, Crystal’s performance converted me to enjoy this popular song from Caddyshack.



But my favorite Crystal Bowersox moment by far has been People Get Ready.



It’s crystal clear to me that Bowersox is the one to beat this season.



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6 thoughts on “It’s Crystal Clear

  1. I’m not watching AI this season but she is pretty good after seeing these video’s. I like how you show cased her 🙂 Have a great MM 🙂

  2. I stopped watching AI after the two David’s season. Adam Lambert was more than I could handle. AI has lost it’s appeal to me and I think I heard ratings are down all together. This girl is good though!!

  3. The field is weak this year, but from the beginning she has clearly been the best. The big question is, if she wins, how will she perform under that kind of a recording contract? It’s the kind that can make you lose your independence real fast.

  4. I think she is phenomenal because she makes everything look effortless, everything sound good, everyone feel loved, and everyone have a good time.

    Lee is a great singer, but seems to be lacking other aspects it takes to become a star, while Crystal can put on a show and handle herself publicly.

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