Juneathon 2010, End of Days

The last few days of the Juneathon have been the toughest for me. My youngest has been sick and her illness combined with my sciatica seemed to suck any and all energy out of me. Her ailments included her high fevers and a nasty cough, therefore, a visit to the pool with the girls was out of the question and I was unable to swim for sciatica relief.


Day 25 – After my accidental two mile hike on the beach, I barely had the strength to move on Friday. After a few laps in the pool, I was toast.


Day 26 – Thankfully, I felt much better on Saturday and I spent most of the morning treading water and swimming in the Gulf. I loved every minute of it.


Day 27 – On Sunday, we had to pack up and head back home, I could only fit in some squats.


Day 28 – My youngest was sick and the only exercise I got was carrying loads of laundry up and down our stairs.


Day 29 – Emmalynn still had high fevers off and on. I did some yoga for sanity reasons.


Day 30 – On the last day of the Juneathon, we went to a pool party today. I had hoped to finally get my swim on again, but the outer bands of Hurricane Alex foiled any pool plans. I suffered through a set of 50 squats instead.


I had hoped to have done a better job for this year’s Juneathon, but at least I tried. Unfortunately, my feeble attempts won’t score me any Vibrams. Should I play the pregnancy card? Do you think I will I gain any sympathy for my sore sciatica?


Probably not.


3 thoughts on “Juneathon 2010, End of Days

  1. You might not win any Vibrams (dude I want some!!) but you gain a whole lotta respect from me. I swear I barely moved a muscle when pregnant and now it is taking every muscle I have to fix what I broke! lol Kudos to you for all your movement!

  2. YES play that pregnancy card!! oh my word I am impressed with the beach walk… much less anything else… I did not move much as I was really nauseated ~ among other things ~ I am still trying to loose my last 20 lbs… it is painful!! Put your feet up and love on that little one with a fever! =)

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