Happy 5th Birthday, Emmalynn

Since the day you were born, you’ve kept us on our toes and giggling every day.  Over the past five years, I loved watching you grow from a cuddly baby into a rough and tough tomboy into a princess ballerina.


You’re bright.


You’re beautiful.



You’re fast.


You’re funny.



You make up the best stories.  Probably because the things you’ve put your mama through over the years no one would believe, beginning with your birth.


As we rushed to the hospital five years ago, I feared that you would be born in the back of our mini-van on the side of the road.  We arrived at the hospital at 8:20 a.m. and you were born 20 minutes later at 8:40 a.m.


As quickly as you arrived, everyone fell in love with you twice as quickly.


Happy 5th Birthday, Emmalynn!




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10 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday, Emmalynn

  1. I thought I was going to find a song with 5 in it….lots of those around! Anyway, Happy Birthday to your little girl! She is adorable.

    Happy Music Monday!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday to your beautiful little princess! Hopefully i’ll get to meet her one day….I’m sure her and Olivia will get along just perfectly! :)) hope you are doing ok too! take care.

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