Any Day Now

By the sight of my belly button, I would say that Run DMT Baby #3 is about done baking.



The sight of my swollen feet is another sign that this baby is due to arrive any day now. Hopefully, I can squeeze another pedicure in before then, because I’m a little tired of looking at Nickelodeon slime green “Beach Sherbet” on my puffy piggies.



Any color suggestions for my toes?


38 thoughts on “Any Day Now

  1. has to be blue in honor of your sweet baby boy. hope you have a jogging stroller so we can start getting you back out to races 😉

  2. Blessings to you and your child.

    As far as your toes maybe staying with the sherbet theme with peach perhaps. Its peach season here in OK is what makes me think of it.

  3. I say something pale blue – your tan enough to pull it off! 🙂 Yahh for almost done baking!! Can’t wait to see your new little one – it’s such an exciting time – makes me a little sad that we are all finished – but then my 4 kids run through and I think – Yeah I’m done. lol! Have a great week!

  4. My wife would be so jealous – her belly button never turned into an outie and she was wishing it would the whole time she was preggie with both of our kids. I think you should paint your toenails fuchia.

  5. Look at that belly! I don’t comment as often as I should, but it’s been neat seeing your pregnancy progress over the past year. Hope baby #3 comes soon! I’m sure they girls can’t wait to meet their new sibling.

  6. Okay, even though I’m not having any more kids, I am so super jealous of your tummy! While yes, you look like you’re ready to go, it’s PERFECT! I want to give it smooches and say hi to the baby! *virtual smooch to your belly*

  7. I love the popped look! Congratulations. That nail color really is exactly the color of the slime, isn’t it? Good luck figuring out what to change it to. What do you want to look at for the first few months of the newborn period when you’re too busy to get a pedicure? 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by Hobo Mama and linking up!

  8. Hey, I am visiting from LBS – loved reading your blog about, I love my children, Hate my life, I think that so many mums will be able to relate… Whishing you all the best for the arrival of No 3 .

    Madefor3 (claire) x

  9. I just caught a glimpse of your belly over at A Beautiful Mess. I am a sucker for a baby belly, so I had to come say good luck. I painted my toes blue when I had my middle son. But when I did it blue was not a popular color, so then I was afraid they nurses would think I was a bit of a weirdo. Now if I did that they’d probably compliment it! Funny how times change. 🙂 Best of luck to you and the little one.

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