Fireflies and Fireworks

My husband, Allan, plays guitar as a hobby and when he’s learning a new song, he plays it over and over and over again.    So, for the past few weeks, our house has been buzzing with the sounds of Owl City’s Fireflies.



However, Allan plays more finger style so this is more like what I hear repeatedly.



I can’t complain because the girls and I love this song.  Although when Allan discovered Fireflies was in the Kids XM rotation, I think he felt like his cool factor went down a bit.


It does become a bit repetitious when Allan plays the same song over and over but it fills our house with music and I’m so grateful for my girls growing up in a musical home because it inspires moments like this.



On another note…since it’s not very often that we see fireflies in these parts, I thought I would share some photos from Fourth of July.


Fireflies, fireworks and music- It’s all magical to my girls and me.




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5 thoughts on “Fireflies and Fireworks

  1. I have heard that song before but not sure if just on the radio or somewhere else but it’s catchy.

    Happy Music Monday! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Too late for those dead flowers! and then dad looks up like wow she is still going? Denise this is hands down the very best video ever!!!
    I can see why the Firefly song is so addictive it is a catchy tune.
    I cannot wait to see that baby tell him to come soon

  3. We love that song Fireflies by Owl City my daughter especially I actually just got her on video last week singing this song I was going to post it on my blog later on this week!

    It’s such a strange song but just like Tara & Amanda said it’s so dang catchy that you just can’t stop singing it over and over again =)

    And Oh My I think you have the making of a future American Idol right there 🙂 She sounded great!

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