Musical Monday: Lullaby for My Beautiful Boy

Liam Matthew was born on July 23 at 6:07 a.m. which is the precise moment when I fell in love.




I love the sweet smell of his breath. I love the sweet sounds of his soft coos. I simply adore every inch of this tiny cuddly pink baby boy.



Liam’s sisters can’t get enough of him, either.





15 thoughts on “Musical Monday: Lullaby for My Beautiful Boy

  1. What a wonderful blessing!! Congrats to you and your beautiful family……He is simply beautiful! Enjoy these precious moments! xoxox

  2. What a precious little boy he is. So cute and his big sisters are so cute with him. Just love it. What an excellent MM my friend. 🙂 Happiness always with Liam and of course the girls 🙂

  3. Ah ha! So that’s where you were last week! I missed you. Congratulations on your precious boy!! I know your girls are so in love with their little brother!

    Happy Monday!!

  4. Oh my goodness! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! I left for vacation the day you had him. Oh my he’s so precious they’re so tiny, and look at his big sisters. They’re so precious too just lovin on him. He’s so beautiful and what an appropriate song. What a wonderful name, but I’m dying to know how to pronounce Liam. I just love names that are different. Do you know the meaning of the name? Awww I just love newborns. I could just look at them all day!

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