Liam’s Boob Tube

Most parents understand how much babies love black and white images.  The contrast captivates them like a moth to a flame.



While we were in the hospital, the nurses placed some black and white designs in Liam’s bassinet for visual stimulation.  He favored one design in particular.



Once we were home, I taped the black and white shapes from the hospital to the sides of Liam’s swing.  One month later, he still favors the circular shape.




Either Liam really loves Target or he’s a boob man.




28 thoughts on “Liam’s Boob Tube

  1. hahahaha. Um, let’s pretend he loves Target, for now. our little guy was fascinated with B&W too for a LONG time. Hope that you have a great week!

  2. Brilliant! You should put two of the designs either side of each other and see how excited he gets!

    Glad you don’t mind me adding you to the blog directory. You blog is a great read so it is the least I could do!

    Let me know of you would like to swap blogrolls
    any time! 🙂


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