Allana’s Instruction Manual

The other day, we were listening to Absolutely Mindy on Kids Place Live and Mindy asked her listeners what they felt should be included in a manual if kids came with an instruction manual. Allana begged me to call the station so she could share her ideas, but I had no luck reaching Mindy.


A few days later, my signature was requested to accept a delivery from “The Company of Children Manuwales“.




14 thoughts on “Allana’s Instruction Manual

  1. Very cute! This morning’s after-dentist-treat was Dunkin Donuts for my boys. That may be counterproductive but oh well! They love donuts!

  2. Cute, funny suggestions..I take it she likes steak and donuts lol – my favorite is “if having a meltdown, give ice cream.”

    If something is melting, the best way to slow the process is to add something cold. Happy WW!

  3. How adorable! She’s got brains, Mom. You better watch out for that one! Is she a Daddy’s girl by any chance? I bet she’s got him wrapped around her little finger. lol Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed your stay. Happy WW

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