My Frog Princess

Allana had another piano recital last Saturday.  For this recital, she had to wear a costume to accompany her piece of music.  Since her selection was Bullfrog Blues, she wanted to dress like a frog.



I offered to buy her a Tiana Princess Frog gown, but she had other ideas.  She requested a green leotard and green stockings.  To finish off her frog look, she carefully constructed two large eyes and taped them to a headband.  Given how girlie Allana usually acts, I was very surprised that she turned down a frilly fancy gown to dress like a giant tree frog, but I have to admit, she did look quite cute.


In the end, it was very rewarding for Allana to not be swayed from her decision as she won second place for her fabulous frog-like look.  The prize was five dollars.



I am so proud of my creative and talented frog princess




25 thoughts on “My Frog Princess

  1. She looks adorable — how creative! I love it. 🙂

    Oh — and Mr. Boy LOVED her video; he started dancing and then ran over to our piano and started pounding away. Fortunately, I had enough coffee in my system to handle HIS version Bullfrog Blues. 😉

  2. what a talented little pianist. i love that her recital was on a stage with a grand piano. my recitals were in my teachers living room with my back to my family. and we never did such fun as wear costumes nor win prizes. She made an adorable little frog.

  3. The leotard makes perfect sense! And I can TOTALLY appreciate the headband because that is SO something my oldest would do too! Great job! And congrats on 2nd prize! 🙂

  4. I love hearing her play. The frog outfit is so cute. I love the eyeballs! Wow! I bet she loved winning five dollars.

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