Random Thoughts about a Race

In five days, I have my first 5K since Gasparilla last February, but I haven’t run in weeks and I’m nervous as hell. I’m worried that I committed to something before I was ready. When I registered, I felt mentally ready, but now I don’t feel mentally or physically ready for this race. I think I’m mental for even thinking about a race almost four months postpartum!


Why did I think this was a good idea? I’m sure it was the precious that convinced me to do it. She wanted the precious.


My knee is finally feeling better and my Achilles tendon stopped hurting too, which is another stupid injury I endured from walking in Converse low tops around Busch Gardens. I should have worn my new running shoes, but my ego and my fashion sense convinced me otherwise. But lesson learned, because a leg bandage would look far worse with jeans than running shoes.


I’ve made a lot of dumb decisions in a hurried attempt to jump back into running, but the only training I should attempt for now is brain builders to help rev up my brainpower. This baby brain is destroying me.


***Proudly submitted at The Un Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, because when I blog about my runs, it’s usually pretty random.***



7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts about a Race

  1. Hey D! You can do it! I ran my first 5k race back when Jackson was 4 months old and did great! If anything…get out there and have fun!!!

  2. You can totally do it! Don’t even worry about time. Just go out and put one foot in front of the other. Even if you walk a lot of it you will still be putting yourself back in the game. OH and Have fun. It is ALL about the experience.

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