Random Thoughts About Running in the Fog

Since last week’s proclamation to run a half marathon at the Gasparilla Distance Classic, I’ve only fit in one run.  Not a good way to kick off my half marathon training!


Saturday morning I woke up with such gusto and I simply had to keep that motivation going.  But like every morning before a run, I checked the weather forecast and heavy fog was to be expected.  A quick peek out the window confirmed that a thick fog blanketed my neighborhood.


Truthfully, I am a fair weather runner, but fog is fine except that it messes with my asthma and it freaks me out a bit because the boogieman and scary storm drain clowns lurk behind every corner.  But during the holidays, fog is even freakier thanks to the creepy Christmas decorations.


At the start of my run, a mob of giant gingerbread people tried to grab me.



Then, a life-size scary snowman tried to beat me with his broom.



Thankfully, I managed to escape the clutches of all these creepy Christmas lawn decorations in the fog and finish a 3 mile at a decent time.


Distance 3.1

Time 39:09

Ave Pace 12:38

Max Pace 9:34


And for my minute half marathon training effort, I rewarded myself with a marathon of cookie baking the rest of the day.


***Proudly submitted at The Un Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, because when I blog about my runs, it’s usually pretty random.***


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts About Running in the Fog

  1. Great job on the run! Good luck with your half training.
    I am on week 5 of half training myself.. my first half. However, I still haven’t registered for a half race. LOL

  2. OMG, I love the Gingerbread people. 3.1 miles – not bad and certainly deserves a nice hot batch of cookies; just not gingerbread cookies because you know THEY are watching.

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