In Honor of Dr. Suess’s Birthday

Every time I see these fire hydrants around town, they remind me of Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat.






23 thoughts on “In Honor of Dr. Suess’s Birthday

  1. Ha how cool are they!! There HAS to be a Suess fan behind the painting of these … I’m rushing off to read CITH right now! It’s been a while … such great memories, thanks!


  2. That is so funny!

    I see Dr. Seuss in the world around me as well. There is a tree near our “Main Street” that looks so Seussical to me. I should take a picture of it because I am sure you would agree!

  3. Too cute! Thanks for stopping by and the compliment on my family. I think they’re cute too! ~hehe~ Is it really Dr. Seuss birthday? I didn’t know that. I love the theme they have at Islands of Adventures in Florida. They have a whole section of Seuss – it’s fabulous!

  4. That’s something else I’ve never seen before, a specially painted fire hydrant (here, there just red, or red and white)–but though those two colors wouldn’t seem to go together well, they do, upon inspection!

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