I’m Tri-ing

I want to be this woman again.

I want to get over my fear of crashing or falling off my bike and get back on it again this year.

I want to compete in at least one triathlon this summer.

Chaotic Coteeman 2008

But most importantly, I want to be this fit again.  I want these abs back.

Babes and Bums 2009



14 thoughts on “I’m Tri-ing

  1. I really want to do a tri this year too. Now that I’m good with my running, I can do it! Let’s register for one so we have a set date.

  2. While I’ve lost all of the baby weight, plus some, I haven’t had the desire to work out and gain my muscle back (however little there may have been! LOL)! I’m sure you’ll do great and have those amazing abs back in no time!

  3. Holy crap, chicky… you are totally HOT!!
    I am SO impressed by what you can do and how you look, I am in AWE!!
    I know that your cholesterol WILL go down… as long as you don’t eat those chicken and waffles. TeeHee

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