A Black and White Sunday in My City

Since I had forgotten to stick the memory card in my camera, I decided to snap a few photos with my Droid while waiting in line for the trolley at Iron Girl.  When I snapped this photo, I didn’t realize this would be the line we would wait in for over an hour. 


In the background you can see the Clearwater Memorial Causeway, the first bridge of three we ran over during the race.  Although it’s difficult to judge the height of the causeway, it’s high enough for large boats to pass under it.  Years ago, the Clearwater Memorial Causeway was once a draw bridge.



I also didn’t realize my camera was set to “black and white” until someone offered to take this photo of my friends and me.



While trying to find the “normal” setting, I learned my camera has all sorts of cool effects, such as sepia and negative, and settings as well like, landscape and sport.  See, you really do learn something new every day.


Unknown Mamithe long road


12 thoughts on “A Black and White Sunday in My City

  1. Love that you found all those settings. Who knew?! Congrats on the race – that’s awesome cuz I only run when someone’s chasing me. Great black & white pics! Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. Totally awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. I need to read the book on my camera too. I know it does a lot of things I just have to find out what they are. ~snicker-snicker~ Have a great day & see you tomorrow in the “Spotlight Dance”. Just grab the linky from my Post if you want. Sorry I just cannot find your e-mail address.

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