I’m Sweet and Stylish

Did you know that I’m sweet and stylish?

Well, I am and I’ve got these awards to prove it!  Cathy thinks I’m sweet and that’s rich!  I’m more of a sweet outer layer covering a nutty center.

But Becelisa thinks I’m stylish and I think I wear that one well too.


By accepting these awards, I must state 7 lesser known facts about myself.

  1. I love pajamas days when I just stay in my pajamas all day.  I plan at least one a week.
  2. I don’t know what I want to be when I grown up.  In my life B.C. (before children), I taught elementary school, mostly third through fifth grade.  Sometimes I miss it, but then I think about lesson plans, grading papers, parent conferences, Sunshine State Standards and all the other political nonsense and stress involved with education these days and I don’t miss one bit.  I will happily change shitty diapers than deal with that bullshit.
  3. When I’m anxious or nervous or have a lot on my mind, I pick and bite my cuticles until they bleed.  It’s a really disgusting habit.
  4. I don’t like country music.
  5. I talk through movies, which annoys the piss out of my husband.  Over the years, I’ve learned to stay silent in the cinema and save all questions and observations until after the show.
  6. I laugh like a Pez dispenser. When I experience a good gut busting laugh, I tilt my head back and my mouth pops open with the loudest, most boisterous juiceful laugh you will ever hear.  Sometimes it’s followed up with a snort too.
  7. I often fit lines from movies, shows or pop culture references into every day conversation. I’m cool like dat. 

Now the conditions of these awards also state that I must pass them along to fellow bloggers.  So in no particular order, I present the “Sweet” award to 10 of my favorite sweeties…

Gone Bananas

Rambling Road Ramblings

Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida

Stacey Uncorked

Jamerican Spice

Secret Mom Thoughts

Diary of a Coach’s Wife

Honey Mommy

Chasing the Kenyans

4 Lettre Words


And the “Stylish” goes to 15 of my most trendy reads…

Karen of If I Could Escape

Kelly Noel Photography

Artsnark’s Artifacts

Girlie Chef

Confessions of a Marathon Mom

Tales of a SEO Runner

Bee Fit

Run Wifey Run

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Mom on the Run

With a Side of Sneakers

Running Betty

Running with a Bottle of Wine

Run Mom Run

Run Faster, Mommy!


Congratulations to all the sweet and stylish winners! 🙂


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About Run DMT

I am a glamorous Domestic Diva raising three beautiful and brilliant children (ages 10, 7, 2). I have been married to my DH for 11 years. Before my blissful life as a SAHM, I taught elementary school for 7 years. I also organize a mommy group on Meetup.com, where I have met the most outstanding women and some of my best friends. Four years ago, I discovered a passion for running. I am currently training for my third marathon as well as a variety of other races and triathlons. I aspire to become a published children's author someday.

9 thoughts on “I’m Sweet and Stylish

  1. Why, Denise, you are just the best! Thank you so much for passing this award along to me – I love that you consider me sweet, I like making poeple happy.
    You sure do deserve these awardes because you are one of the sweetest and stylish bloggers I know.
    I have been luky enough to recently rececive this ward from another friend, so I have just passed it on to some special bloggers.
    Thank you so much again! Lubs you… ❤

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