It’s the End of the World

Ever watch Ancient Aliens on the History?  I’m a bit obsessed with the show.  On New Year’s Eve, the History channel aired an Ancient Aliens marathon and I was glued to the TV.

For the most part, it’s complete science fiction, but there are some interesting theories about ancient civilizations and their possible connection to extraterrestrial beings based on stone carvings, cave paintings and other artifacts.  The Mayans are mentioned in nearly every episode.

I suppose the powers that be at the History channel felt airing a back-to-back episodes of Ancient Aliens seemed appropriate since 2012 is predicted to be the end of the world.  After all, the Mayan calendar stops on December 21, 2012, which means the end of days, of course.

Should we take cues from a civilization that is completely extinct or should we not even give a second thought?

I liked Ricky Gervais’s view on it all.


In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on running and enjoy each day as a gift and not worry about ice caps melting, Armageddon or aliens collecting people.


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13 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World

  1. LOL, as the Good Book says, No man knoweth the hour when the Son shall come. Have your spiritual affairs in order and then Live Like You’re Dying. That’s a good philosophy, don’t you think? BTW, your tunes are really catchy! =D

  2. I have not heard of that show but could easily see me getting hooked! I love to learn and think about all the theories and then just go on taking it one day at a time! I loved both your songs!!!

  3. Great choices!!!! The end of the world thing gets to me though. After my accident the world almost ended for me so each day I wake up is a real gift.

    Have an awesome week!!

  4. Hey, ya know what I believe is that there’s this big gold book, and all our names are in it with a date after it, and when that date comes I’ll see you in Never, Neverland where no one ever grows up, and we’re all going to party our lives away or whatever trips your trigger, and if the Lord wants us to come back down and start all over again until we get it right then we will. Love your choices girlfriend. Very appropriate. Hey where’s your linky I wanted to sign too! 😦

  5. I love the R.E.M. song, it is so much fun.
    I think Ricky Gervais is actually right, isn’t 12/21/12 the 3rd date in the last year that they have predicted as the end of the world?
    Hope you are having a great beginning to 2012 and I look forward to all your song choices in the coming weeks.

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