#LoveMyAbs – Week 1, Day 1

I don’t know if I’ll post every day of the challenge, but I’ll definitely tweet #lovemyabs every day to keep you up to speed with my progress and my daily ab exercises.

Since today is the official launch, I thought I would do a no holds barred post and put my abs out there for the whole blogosphere to judge see.

Here I am. Day 1:

Good lord.  I need a tan and a six-pack.  Hopefully in four weeks, I’ll have both.

As for my ab exercises, today I did 120 reps.

40 crunches

40 bicycles

40 cross over crunches


6 thoughts on “#LoveMyAbs – Week 1, Day 1

  1. i’m in on the challenge! i may even dare to post pics … though i’ll decide that after i actually take some and see how bad my gut looks. my goal (though i say this every winter) is to be comfortable enough with my stomach to run in just shorts and a sports bra during our miserably hot summer.

    day 1 for me:
    45 cross over crunches each side (90 total)
    75 crunches

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