Lookout {Moms} Weekend

For a fifth year in a row (Actually my fourth, but who’s counting?), I spent the weekend in a beach house with 20 friends and of course, it was…*wait for it*…epic.

There was tons of the typical conjoined twin long arm close-up photos that my friends and I love to take…

…and lots of pool shots and poolside shots.

And there were lots of funny one-liners that I wish I wrote down, but I’ll blame my momentarily memory loss on all the alcohol.

To commemorate the weekend, a few of the ladies created a playlist just for our girlfriend getaway.  From morning to night, we were kicking it old school with Stevie B and party rocking with LMFAO and Ke$ha.

Every year, I select a song for Music Monday that reflects our Annual Anna Maria Island Escape.  This year, I think Debbie Deb said it best.

Visit Xmas Dolly and Jade Louise Designs for more Music Monday.

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


10 thoughts on “Lookout {Moms} Weekend

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  2. Personally I’d rather hear more about the party with 20 of your friends. Sounds like a rockin’ time. All these are pretty new to me, but totally rockin’ Thanks for sharing all! So glad you’re livin’ it up girl. Ya only live once as they say! hugs

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