Happy 11th Birthday, Allana Rose!

Tonight as a birthday treat, my first born child (our soul sister) will choose dinner and as to no surprise, it will be some neighborhood steakhouse.  She’s the most green, environmentally conscious carnivorous child (a direct result from all the rare steak I consumed while she was in utero).  But apart from her appalling meatilicious diet, she does have some outstanding qualities.

She has beauty that radiates from the inside-out.

She’s wicked smart with a sense of humor to match it.

She’s compassionate and the most thoughtful kid you’ll ever meet.

She’s creative, imaginative and inquisitive.

For her, ART is more than just a set of initials.  She puts in the ART in artistic.

Happy 11th birthday to our beautiful, brilliant Allana Rose!

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


10 thoughts on “Happy 11th Birthday, Allana Rose!

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