November Fitness Challenge: Thanks for Planks

It’s been far too long since I led a fitness challenge which is evident by the sad state of my core and my soft arms.  In a few short months, my strength has slowly slipped away.  But all the changes today!  I’m rebuilding my core and my strength with a new Run DMT Fitness Challenge for November: Thanks for Planks.

Why planks? Because planks are a runner’s best friend! Planks not only strengthen your core (abs and back), but it also strengthens shoulders, hips, quadriceps and calf muscles.

Basically, this Run DMT Thanks for Planks is a plank-a-day movement. During the month of November, we will be performing planks three times a day.  For the first two weeks, we will hold the planks for 30 seconds three times a day.  Then, last two weeks we’ll hold the plank position for 1 minute three times a day.  If you can hold a plank position longer than that, then go for it.  By all means, feel free to plank for as long as you like.

Here’s how to perform a perfect plank:

Once you complete your sets, tweet the #Thx4Planks Twitter team and @denisermt.  Remember to include the hashtag #Thx4Planks so we can follow you, add you to our team and track your progress.

So who’s with me? 

Add your Twitter ID and/or your blog link below so we can track your progress.  Please share the #Thx4Planks challenge with your readers and followers.  Show your support by visiting/tweeting other Thanks for Planks participants.

Good luck!

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


14 thoughts on “November Fitness Challenge: Thanks for Planks

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