Season’s Heatings! {Holiday Halfathon Recap}

When I registered for the Holiday Halfathon earlier in the year, I had no intention to aim for a PR.  With these plantar fasciitis feet, my PR days are gone, however, I expected to beat my time from three years ago.  Since I was pregnant, I could totally redeem that time even with bad heels.

Being a stunner runner, my attire is crucial next to the training.  Chrissy, Maribel and I wanted to match, so we decided on homemade tutus with striped furry stockings and a red wicking running shirt.  I added a little sequined clip-on Santa hat to my ensemble to finish my sporty Santa Baby look.

Lots of our Strider friends were also at this race as well as many of my runner blogger friends, Katrina of Sneakers and Fingerpaints and Beth of Discom-BOB-ulated Running.  Everybody looked so festive in their holiday attire.

About 4 miles into the race, I was dying from a heat stroke.  Usually, December races are cooler, but with the warmer weather, overcast and humidity, it felt like we were running in a Santa sauna.  I haven’t exposed my post-pregnancy belly in a sports bra in public, but I didn’t care.  I stripped off that shirt faster than a Catholic school girl at a frat party and then, I rolled down my cute striped socks.

Although Chrissy had been suffering from a sinus infection, she looked like a rock star out there.  She showed those bridges that she was the boss and she smiled the whole time.

The bridges were another reason I didn’t anticipate a PR.  I didn’t even want to push myself on that course.  I just wanted to finish better than I did three years ago.

Between the bridges and the heat, I needed to walk a large portion of the course.  Another runner on the course ridiculed Chrissy and I every time we walked the course.  John teased us about our tutus and socks having superpowers, but I don’t think so.  Those furry striped socks were my kryptonite!

Eventually, Chrissy and I caught up to Marie who was struggling due to a nasty bronchial infection.  Poor thing!  You know speedy little Marie is not up to par if she’s pacing with me.

Even with all the bridges, that last mile had to be the toughest for me.  We ran for a short distance on a sidewalk and then final half mile led us along a sandy, soft uneven trail covered with pine needles.  It was difficult to judge my footing and I stumbled a few times.  I decided to walk the trail and then I ran the last stretch to the finish line.  I suppose my tutu did give me some superpowers because I saved a sprint just for John.  I finished a few seconds before him and I beat my time from three years ago by nearly 30 minutes!

13.1 miles
Gun Time 2:26:55 
Chip Time 2:26:36
Ave Pace 11:13

We lost Maribel early in the race, but after we crossed the finish line, we all ran back to meet her.  The week prior to the race, her knee had been giving her a lot of grief and now, Maribel was really hurting.  When she spotted us, her spirits lifted and she sprinted the final stretch of her first half marathon.  Once past the finish line, we all cried in a huddled, blubbering mess for Maribel and everyone’s accomplishments and then we helped poor Maribel hobble over to the picnic tables to ice her knee.

Poor sick speedy Marie could barely talk.

I just wanted JM’s cookie cake beer.

At the post-race party, I found Jina of Behold the Turtle and we posed for a quick photo.  I loved her reindeer shirt!  As you can see, I was still so hot after the race and I was looking real hot in my white, very see through sports bra.  Yep, I’m a classy act.  Thank goodness for Cliff Shots covering my ta-tas like pasties!

I am so making Santa’s naughty list this year.

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Frankenfooter Living Dead Challenge {Recap}

Apart from speedwork, I prepared for Frankenfooter Living Dead Challenge by sorting out my costumes.  Deciding what to wear is equally important as training for a stunner runner.  For the 5K, I decided to dress as the Sun Drop girl.  Perhaps not my smartest decision, but it was definitely a fun one.  (I even wore it again on Halloween night.)

I really loved my Sun Drop costume, but it was ridiculously hot.  Between the legwarmers and the leggings, I thought I would have a heat stroke once I crossed the finish line.   No doubt it took me a while to cool down.

For the 5K Saturday, we started a minute or two into the race and Chrissy and I paced together trying our best to keep up with Marie.  I had no idea how fast that little mama is!

Chrissy and I really pushed it to finish around the 27:00 mark, but we also observed that we don’t like pushing it that hard.  It’s difficult to enjoy a run when you’re trying to run your fastest.  At least we enjoyed our finish time!

Gun time 28:00.6  
Garmin Time 27:40   
Ave Pace 9:02
Garmin Ave Pace 8:47
Max Pace 6:50

As for mighty fast Marie, she and Bob placed in their division.

The next day, we all ran the half marathon.  The first few miles followed the same course as the 5K and part of the Starkey trail.  It was a cooler, cloudy day than the night before, and the occasional light drizzle was a welcomed relief.

I chose not to wear my fuel belt which I regretted around mile 9 when the water station ran out of water.  We desperately attempted to hydrate ourselves with a few ice cubes.

Chrissy and I were pretty impressed with our pace for the duration of the half marathon.  Even with walking the water stops, we kept our pace around the 10:30 mark.  I conserved my energy for a sprint at the very end and Chrissy and I finished seconds apart.  Not a PR for me, but definitely a personal best, post-baby or what I like to call my “PB PB”.  However, it was definitely a PR for Chrissy!  She shaved 30 minutes of her half marathon time!  Chrissy and I celebrated out achievement with a bit of post-race bubbly served it some dollar store Frankenstein goblets, of course.

Half Marathon
Gun Time 2:15:34.8
Garmin Time 2:15:24
Ave Pace 10:21
Garmin Ave Pace 10:14
Max Pace 7:11

One of my readers, Tommy, ran the race with his son and his son placed in the 5K for his age group. Outstanding!  It was such a pleasure meeting Tommy and his son!

Marie and Bob also won for their age group again!  Incredible!  (By the way, Chrissy and Marie’s matching attire was completely a coincidence.  How funny is that?!)

Despite, the mile 9 water station mishap, the race was far more organized than last year and truly a pleasant experience.   When we complimented the race director and the Gulf High Shool student volunteers on a job well done, she rewarded us with some really cool frosty Frankenfooter mugs!  WOOHOO!

 And for the second year in a row, I won best costume as the Devil With Blue Dress.

Now I have two of these Frankenstein dancing toys, which my kids love.  They especially like to stand the monsters’ hair up which reminds me of Kid ‘n Play, or as I prefer to call it, “Frank ‘n Play”.  When standing face to face, they even dance like Kid ‘n Play.

Frank ‘n Play…Now that would make an interesting costume…

Oh la, oh la, ay.

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Halloween Head

It’s only October 1st, but my house was decorated a week ago.  I’m worst than the kids when it comes to the holidays.  Halloween is no exception.  My head is full of Halloween already.  Yep, I’ve got a Halloween Head.

I’ve already decided on our couple’s costume for the adult Halloween party.  I actually decided on it months ago after watching the iCarly Halfoween episode.  That’s right. My costume was inspired by a children’s television show.  I will be sushi and Allan will be my sushi chef.

I also need two more costumes for the Living Dead Challenge at the end of the month.  It’s the Frankenfooter Half Marathon, but with an added challenge.  For the Living Dead Challenge, I will be running in the 5K the evening before the half.  That’s why I need two costumes.  I’m leaning towards the Sun Drop girl for the 5K, but I’m still not sure about the half.  Maybe a devil?  My friend, Chrissy, is dressing as Wonder Woman, so I’m considering another superhero costume, like Batgirl or Supergirl.

If you aren’t familiar with the Sun Drop girl, here’s a small taste.  She’s definitely me or more like she’s channeling me because that chick stole my moves.  No one can drop it like it’s hot or pop it like this mother runner.

For the next four Music Mondays, I will be sharing my favorite Halloween jamz.  I would love to hear what Halloween songs move your spirit.  Link up and play along…if you dare.  Muhahahahahahaha!

Visit Xmas Dolly and Jade Louise Designs for more Music Monday.

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Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Recap

Prior to the race, I had caught my son’s cold, but thankfully, I knew I wouldn’t be running the race hard.  Having run a Disney race before, I knew there were so many distractions along the course that I would want to stop for a few of the photo opps.

Originally, I had planned to stay with my non-runner girlfriends the night before the race, but the more I thought about it, the more I worried about not being able to sleep.  Typically, a girlfriend getaway leads to heavy drinking and not enough rest, which is not conducive to any race, whether you run it easy or not.  Then, last minute, my mom offered to stay with me in Orlando and you know, my mom (any mom) would make sure I ate right and slept well.

And I’m so glad we arranged that last minute decision, because my 3:30 a.m. wakeup call came fast!

Since I still hadn’t decided which princess to dress as, I packed both princess costumes.  Allana (my ten year old) suggested I be Tiana.  “You’re just like Tiana.  You can sing.  You have dreams and you set goals”.  (I just love that she said that.  It was a proud mama moment that warmed my heart.)

My old running partner, Tiffany, gave me some great advice.  “Wear the Belle costume because if you get tired of the tutu, at least you’ll still have a running skirt on and you’ll still look like Belle.”

Once I picked up my race packet at the expo, I finalized my princess plans.  “Belle” was printed on the bib as my favorite princess.  So, I had to be Belle.

On the morning of the race, traffic into Epcot parking was very congested and I worried that I wouldn’t make the 5:00 a.m. corral call, but then things started to move and I arrived at the park at 4:40 a.m.  However, I still had to walk to the start line and Disney is not kidding when they say it takes 20 minutes.  I forgot about that walk!

It was a chilly morning, but not freezing and I warmed myself with a stolen hotel towel and the aluminum wrap from Rock ‘Roll Half.  I looked even more like Belle with a red cape around my shoulders.

On the way to the start, I spotted all types of princesses and Disney costumes: Dalmatian princesses, villains, Tinkerbelles, Minnie Mouse, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts, and of course every variety of Disney Princesses.  I wished that my girlfriends were running the race with me. Each of us was supposed to be a different Disney Princess.

Strangely, as I walked and wished for my friends to be there, I met Melissa dressed as Cinderella in corral B.  She looked just like Lori.  It freaked me out a bit, but my stares probably freaked her out too.  I explained to her that she reminded me of one of my friends and she said, “Well she’s here with you in spirit”, which is something Lori would say.  I was so grateful to have a Lori lookalike and Lori’s spirit running the race with me.

Fairy Godmother spoke the magic words and fireworks launched in the dark morning sky.  The race was underway.   Even though the start time is staggered for the corrals, it was still pretty congested and hard to run faster than 10:30 and I was o.k. with that.  I liked the easy start pace.

Since it was dark, I just focused on getting through the first few miles and didn’t stop for many Kodak moments.  I also knew we’d be running the same course back to the finish.  My plan was to run the roads faster and slow down in the parks since the Disney characters and cast members would be cheering for the runners as we ran past.  I had my mind set to stop for Belle and Tiana if I saw them.

Once in the Magic Kingdom, I intended to pop into the Tomorrowland restroom for a potty break, another little Disney race secret.  All the restrooms in the park are available so you can avoid the port-o-potties. Plus, in a full service bathroom, I could readjust my tiara if need be.

I literally whizzed through Tomorrowland and moved onto Fantasyland to stop for a photo in front of the castle.

Once passed the castle, we ran through Liberty Square, where Tiana and Prince Naveen stood waiting. Of course, I stopped.   As I stood in line waiting for a photo with Princess Tiana, I met another Tiana, who I would continue to meetup with throughout the race.

After a quick photo with Tiana, I was on my way through Frontierland and then through the cast member exit where we were on the road again back towards Epcot.  Just outside the Grand Floridian, I bumped into Belle.  “Hi me”, she said when I posed for a photo with her.

Shortly afterwards, I met my Prince Charming outside the wedding pavilion.  His glass slipper was so fitting for a running princess.

On the return trip along World Drive, I decided to pose for some pictures that I missed on the way to the Magic Kingdom, like Captain Jack and some of the other Disney fellas.  But my camera died.  Fortunately, my Disney Princess running partner, Tiana, saved the day and snapped some photos for me.

Next to the characters and cast members, the spectators were superb and their signs were so entertaining.   “Worst parade ever!” “Villains run faster.”  “I am so proud of you complete stranger!”  With louds cheers and cow bells, they had such enthusiasm as the runners flew by.

The “hill” near mile 11 was definitely the roughest, just as @clairgp had warned me.  I had to walk most of the overpass, but as bad as that overpass was, my plantar faciitis heels didn’t bother me.  I guess all the stopping to visit with characters had its benefits.

After a quick photo in front of Spaceship Earth, I ran the last mile hard.  I wanted to finish under 3 hours and even with all the stops along the way, I met my goal 3 hour goal.

Like I told my friends future Disney Princesses, I would totally run it again and take just as long.  You just can’t take this race too seriously or you’ll miss all the Disney magic.

But next time, I’ll be Tiana.

Chip time 2:51

Clock time 2:59:23

Ave Pace 13:04

Random Thoughts about a Swelled Head, a Shrinking Waist and a Princess Problem

Marathon TrainingIn the past few weeks, Run DMT has been spotlighted on several websites and it’s giving me a big head.

Marathon Training Schedule compiled a list of top running blogs and Run DMT is #64.  Then, RN  shared 50 Inspiring Blogs for Your Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss and Run DMT is #5 on the list.  How exciting is that?!

I’m flattered to be considered an “inspiration” to others for post-partum weight-loss and I hope yours is going better than mine because I’m sill struggling to lose the last of my baby weight 19 months later. What’s that old pregnancy rule of thumb for weight-loss? Nine months up, nineteen months down?  That sounds about right.

Five unflattering pounds are still sticking around from my pre-pregnancy weight but I don’t put a whole heck of a lot of value on the scale since most of my old clothes are fitting me.

So the numbers on the scale are not dropping but I am definitely toning and shrinking inches, thanks to our Love My Abs Challenge.  If you haven’t been following along, you should go over there RIGHT NOW and check it out!  Each week, I’ve been sharing photos and a brief recap of my progress.

Tomorrow, we’re moving onto to Week 4 and 200 reps, but it’s not too late to join in the fun.  Even if you fell off the wagon, you can simply start over at 100 reps at Week 1. It’s not about how many reps or how long, but more about making a commitment to a better you.

Speaking of wagons, I will be catching a carriage ride over to Orlando this weekend for the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon.  I don’t feel prepared at all for this race, but it has nothing to do with training.  I still haven’t figure out what to wear!

Should I be Belle or Tiana? 

Both princesses are equally smart, brave, fearless, beautiful and good role models for my girls (next to their mom, of course).  But…
If I dress as Belle, I’ll wear a yellow running skirt, matching yellow top, a tiara and carry a red rose.

If I dress as a Tiana, I’ll wear a green top, green shorts and a magnolia rhinestone hair clip in my hair.  I wanted to find a green tutu to wear over my shorts, but I haven’t had any luck yet. 

As any stylish, runner (a.k.a stunner ) will tell you, tiaras and tutus are a must for any Disney Princess race.  I think what I wear will be a game time decision, but I would love to hear your vote: Belle or Tiana?

The girls have the Gasparilla Jr. Race on Saturday. Next year, Liam will be old enough to run the Gasparilla Jr with Emmalynn, but this is Allana’s last year to run it as she’s getting too old for it now.  The thought of it makes me all melancholy, but she’s moving on to bigger distances with her mom.

And who knows maybe she’ll run a Princess race with me someday.  Then she can be Belle and I’ll be Tiana!  There. Problem solved.  Hopefully, by then I would have found a green tutu or made one or bought one of these shnazzy sparkly skirts.  A runner mom can dream, can’t she?  Like a wise mouse once told me, “If you dream it, you can do it.”

And now for my running stats!

I suffered from a stomach bug for two days after the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, but I think the forced rest helped me run under 30 minutes for the first time in nearly a year.


3.1 miles

Time 29:35

Ave Pace 9:33

Max Pace 7:31



4 miles

Time 41:09

Ave Pace 10:17

Max Pace 7:59



6 miles

Time 1:13:27

Ave Pace 11:51

Max Pace 8:56



3.1 miles

Time 30:21

Ave Pace 9:48

Max Pace 7:06

 *Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*


Inaugural Rock ‘N Roll St Pete Half Marathon Recap

The temperature for the start of the Inaugural Rock ‘n Roll St Pete Half Marathon had been predicted to hit 42 degrees.  Therefore, I had to rethink my whole outfit which is a big deal to a stunner runner like me, especially since my friends, Chrissy, Faith and I had planned our race outfit months ago.

Layers would be essential.  So, the night before the race I tried on all my old winter gear to make sure everything still fit and wouldn’t rub my unmentionables.  I also had to find a fleece pullover, some gloves and other warm articles of clothing, which would be waiting in baggage check at the end of the race.

After studying the course map for water stations and food stations, I decided against wearing my fuel belt and opted to wear my SPI belt instead to carry my phone and camera, the most important gear next to my shoes.

Chrissy, Faith, Heather, Jillian and I arrived at Tropicana Field a good hour and half before the start and even in all our layers, we were freezing our Rock ‘n Rolls off. Before the start of the race, the overnight low had dipped to as low as 35 degrees.

Crowds of people huddled around the propane powered halogen lights for warmth.  What’s a few brain cells? Oxygen is so overrated.  It’s a small price to pay for warmth and my friends and I gladly paid it once I stripped off my fleece pullover before the start.

Our bib numbers corresponded to our corrals, which placed me in corral 6.  After a few potty breaks and baggage check, the line into corral 6 spilled past corral 8.  The start time would be delayed approximately two minutes for each corral and I became a bit obsessive with trying to get into corral 6, like a scene from European Vacation, “Look kids! Corral 6! If I could just get over, I could get into corral 6.”

Finally with a little fancy footwork, I managed to find my way into corral 6 and joined the masses to start on time or as close to “on time” for those of us in the back (about 7 minutes after the offical start).

The first mile looped around and led us back to Tropicana Field.  During the first mile, my socks felt a bit strange, like they had slipped down and bunched up in my shoes.  Then, I felt a sensation like pins and needles in my toes and realized my socks were fine.  My feet were defrosting.

I ran that first mile pretty hard, harder than I had intended (~8:30), but I was so bloody cold.  The warmth and pace felt good.

Local bands and DJs entertained us about every mile along the course, which broke up the distance and kept things moving along.

I hit the 5K split at around 30 minutes.  At mile 5, I tossed my gloves because my hands were starting to sweat.  At the 10K split, I appeared to be meeting my 2:15 goal.

And then, we turned the corner and headed towards the bay.  The wind off the bay nearly froze me all over again.  When that first arctic gust hit me, I wished I still had my gloves.  Why didn’t I stuff them in my SPI belt?!

With the wind, blew my chances of finishing around 2:15.  I just couldn’t fight it.  Every time it hit me, I would clench my fists, cringe and shake.  I am such a Florida girl.

But I kept pounding the pavement.  Although technically for this little stretch, it was cobblestone and I began running through neighborhood yards to avoid the cobblestone.  Like I said, it was only for a little stretch, so no yards were harmed in the making of this half marathon post.

For the most part, the course was flat.  There was the occasional bridge and incline, like around mile 7, but I found the wind more of a challenge than the inclines.

Along the Pier around mile 9, I caught up with the 2:15 pace group. After my sad experience with the Space Coast pace group, I vowed to avoid them because they make me feel all insecure and unworthy if I can’t keep up, which wreaks havoc on my self-esteem and breaks my stride.  So I did my best to not focus on the pace group, especially when they seem to be slipping away.  No matter. I was still having fun with or without a super hero pace group.

However, the real super heroes are the entertainment and spectators who fought the frigid temps to cheer us on.

* Stilt men photo captured by Tracey of Suncoast Running*

King Tut danced for us, but the girls holding these signs stole my heart, because they spoke honey badger.

Just after mile 10, a food station offered Gu, but the cold air made it as hard as a rock.  Once I managed to squeeze out the contents, I was disappointed with the flavor.  I should have packed a Cliff Shot.

Once we reached the Vinoy Hotel, my panic over another path of cobblestone took my mind off the after taste of the vanilla Gu.  I opted to run through the grass of Vinoy park to avoid the cobblestone.

As we approached mile 11, we faced another bridge and I began to struggle a bit more.  At this point, my heels started bothering me due to a previous plantar fasciitis injury and I had to walk a little.

We circled around the Vinoy Country Club and mile 12 led us back over the bridge. This was the homestretch now.

Oh how the term “homestretch” never felt truer as this short distance of the race seemed to go on forever!

I could see the finish line, but it felt as though it kept slipping away from me.  A few Suncoast Striders cheered for me as I ran towards the finish line which helped me pick up the pace.  I knew I was almost there.

Yep, I rocked 13.1 miles in the cold.

And I would totally do it again, even if it was cold and windy.  It was that much fun.

Bib# 6465

Overall 4227 out of 7006

 Division 455 out of 822

 Gender 2349 out of 4562

5 Km 31:00

6 Mi 1:01:04

10 Mi 1:43:08

Pace 10:43

Chip Time 02:20:28

Clock Time 02:27:32

Garmin Time 2:20:34

Garmin Ave Pace 10:32

As for Chrissy and Faith’s first half marathon, they finished at 2:45:26 and 2:45:28 respectively.  They wanted to finish under 3 hours, so they were very happy with their times.  We were all proud of them!

Jillian finished a few minutes behind me.  I didn’t even know she was behind me!

Due to a bad T-band situation, Heather finished around 2:35.

After the race, Jillian and I heard Flo Rida bellow, “Where them girls at?”  So, these Flo Rida girls found their way over to the stage and the post-race party reunion area.  Flo Rida was the a perfect headliner to keep spirits high.

The weather was cold, but Flo Rida was HOT!  He created a fun party atmosphere.

*Photo of Flo Rida in the crowd by Jillian*

Although we just ran 13.1 miles, we found the energy to bounce with Flo and got low, low, low.  Between a great race and hanging at a jumping post-race party with friends, we really did get a good feeling…yeah.

PhotoStory Fridaythe hollie rogueUnknown Mami

Random Thoughts about Getting Physical and Rocking ‘n Rolling

In the last two days, I’ve been inside three doctors’ offices.  First, I had a 6 month follow-up for Little Lion Man’s hip dysplasia.  According to the nurse practitioner, “Everything looks great”.  His hips are developing normally (excellently) and now our visits will occur once a year.   Honestly, as fast as little man has been running and climbing these days, I knew everything with his hips would be fine and I didn’t have any worries.

Then, today I had my annual physical.  My cholesterol is high again (240), but I think that might be related to my soft foods diet as I have been eating a lot of eggs.  Also, my vitamin D was low, which is so weird to me living in sunny Florida and all.

Apparently, a vitamin D deficiency is a typical diagnosis as people age, especially for someone with darker skin or someone who consumes a vegetarian diet.  I don’t eat enough fish or beef liver, but I’m sure it’s a combination of everything.  I have been prescribed a vitamin D supplement once a week but I prefer ten minutes in the sun as a prescription.

I also had a follow-up with my oral surgeon today for my wisdom teeth extraction.  When I mentioned to him that I am still have some pain, he said that’s to be expected for up to SIX WEEKS!   Oi vey.  At least I’m healing well and he seemed pleased about that, but I still need to stay on soft foods for a little while longer.   Ugh.  I really miss almonds and tortilla chips with salsa.

Speaking of my soft foods diet, I lost another 3 pounds for a total of 7.5 pounds.  I’m happy about the weight loss, because my clothes are fitting a bit better, but I’m not too thrilled about the way I’m losing weight.  Oh well.  At least I’m only 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

On a related note about my weight, my general practitioner said, “You don’t look like you weigh 135 pounds.” Um…thanks?  I’m all muscle, baby. Yeah, I hide my weight well since most of it is tucked away in my juiceful butt.

This Sunday is the St. Pete Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and I feel pretty good about it.  Even though I haven’t really trained as much as I had hoped, I think I’ll do all right, especially since I threw in some resistance training last week.  Yes, every once in a while, I run with a stroller to remind myself how much I hate running with a stroller.

Last Sunday, I ran 10 miles and it felt good.

10 miles

Time 1:47:55

Ave Pace 10:48

Max Pace 8:07


Here are the rest of my runs:


4 miles

Time 41:04

Ave Pace 10:16

Max Pace 7:36


2/3/12 (stroller run)

3.1 miles

Time 34:07

Ave Pace 10:58

Max Pace 8:26



3.1 miles

Time 31:37

Ave Pace 10:12

Max Pace 8:05

And in case you haven’t heard…for the month of February, I’ve committed to showing my abs some love with my #lovemyabs challenge.  Every Wednesday, I’m hosting a linky party.  So, stop by tomorrow to link up and see everyone’s progress.  I’ve already noticed a difference, but I’ll fill y’all in tomorrow.

 *Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*